full name sariah giselle roman date of birth july 29, 1989 & 27 place of birth new york, new york current residence tarrytown, new york
nicknames gigi pets lucy occupation youtuber status single
Sariah Giselle Roman is what some would call the perfect blend between her father and mother. Both a realist and dreamer, she has the ability to see the world both as how it really is and what it could potentially be. She cannot function without a certain level of organization but also lives for those spur of the moment, inspired by what you're feeling adventures.

brief family history There is a saying that "opposites attract", and there wouldn't be any other way to explain the relationship between Michael Roman and Amelia Clarke. Where one was grounded in rules and order, the other was much more of a free spirit that loved to dream about all that could be. Their union brought them three wonderful, beautiful daughters but the attraction would eventually fizzle out and altogether end once Amelia discovered that Michael had been unfaithful. In the divorce, Amelia took the both the oldest and youngest of the Roman children to live with her in Sleepy Hollow while the middle girl, Sariah, stayed with Michael in New York. The majority of weekdays were spent at home while most weekends were spent with her mother. There were, of course, times where she would remain at one of the homes so that she was able to spend time with her siblings, but Sariah spent a good chunk of her adolescence living like an only child. Both Sariah's father and mother would eventually remarry and introduce new siblings into the family--a step-brother via her mother's new husband and a brand new, baby half-sister through Michael and his new wife.

early life When Sariah was seven years old, her world seemed to be turned upside with the divorce of her parents. She quickly went from a household with two sisters to a household that was only herself and her father. It was a big adjustment for someone that was just beginning to discover her place in the world. There were plenty of silver linings, however. For instance, she still got to see her sisters on certain weekends and even sometimes during the week. Another plus was that she didn't have to deal with middle child syndrome as much. Before the divorce, Sariah often felt like she fell right in the middle when it came to attention from her parents. Samantha, the oldest, always got the new stuff while the youngest, Samara, got away with more. After the divorce, it often felt like Sariah was an only child save for the times that she was with her siblings. She didn't have to share her belongings and didn't have to compete with two siblings for her parents' attention. If you ask Sariah now, she would probably credit them growing up in separate households to the fact that they never tried to kill each other. Fighting between the three of them slacked off incredibly once they were separated.

Sariah's father felt like she needed some structure and order in her life so she was enrolled in several after school/summer activities. She attended dance classes three days a week and played soccer during the summers. While she loved dance class, she wasn't always very fond of playing soccer. The teams were co-ed, and she often found herself distracted by a couple of the boys on her team. She wanted to look cute for them, not sweaty and gross.

high school Sariah's interest in boys early on should have been an indicator of what life would be like once she dating age. To say that she was boy crazy would have been a bit of an understatement. To her friends, it seemed like she had a new crush every other week. She dated several boys in high school (sometimes, more than one at a time), but she actually only had two official boyfriends during her high school career. The first one was during her freshman year, and it only lasted a couple of months before they had an ugly breakup in the middle of the quad during lunch. The fight was not only verbal but physical as well and resulted in a three day suspension from school. The second was with a boy she had actually met furing her junior year, but they wouldn't become an item until her senior year. Aside from boys, Sariah's extracurriculur activities also included cheerleading and various clubs. She was a social butterfly, but her grades sometimes suffered because she didn't give them nearly as much attention. Her GPA upon graduation was a 2.6.

college & youtube Sariah attended Hunter College in Manhattan with the intentions to major in Psychology and pursue some type of career through that. However, during her second year at the school, she got involved with youtube and social media through her roommate and eventually ended up changing majors to Media Studies while continuing to minor in Psychology because that area still interested her. She started off being a regular collaborator/guest on her roommate's channel before creating one of her own. Throughout the years, her content on her own channel has changed and grown as she has. She now operates three channels: her main one, a vlogging channel, and a channel dedicated to sit-down "interviews" with guests to discuss trending topics much like a morning talk show.

✖ She lives in a four bedroom, three bathroom two-story home. It includes a basement, a beautiful lake view from the kitchen and back deck, and a baywindow in the living room. The master-bedroom/bathroom and the smallest bedroom are both hers while the other two rooms are occupied by her two roommates.

immediate family michael roman father, 52, 10/01/1964, financial advisor
sybil roman step-mother, 51, 12/13/1965, real-estate agent
amelia mother, 51, 04/21/1966, broadway costume designer
jason step-father, 53, 09/25/1963, restaurateur
samantha roman sister, 30, 08/25/1986
samara roman sister, 24, 03/08/1992
tobias step-brother, 27, 01/21/1989
chloe roman half-sister, 15, 03/10/2001
roland roman grandfather, 71, 06/21/1945, retired army general
janice roman grandmother, 68, 07/03/1948, retired chef
franklin clarke grandfather, 69, 05/27/1947, retired nypd police officer
roxanne clarke grandmother, 66, 05/27/1950, retired nurse

storylines sacha cousin
serena marquez good friend that she met through yoga classes
sofia masen good friend that she met through yoga classes
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